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Price Drop City is a window into the fast-moving world of Internet bargain hunting. Every day, we check the prices at dozens of Britain's favourite online retailers. And then we tell you which prices have dropped the most.

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About Price Drop City

Price Drop City came about as a side-effect of something else entirely. I was working on a project which involved monitoring retail prices for statistical purposes, and I noticed that some retailers seem to change their prices more often than others. I also noticed that sometimes, these price changes could be very large - more than 50% off in some cases.

So, it occurred to me that it might be a god idea to create a website specifically for the purpose of looking for these price drops. And that's what I did.

It's still very much a basic website, with minimal functionality. As time goes by, I may add a few more bells and whistles. But the primary purpose will always remain the same: a simple, one-stop shop listing all the biggest price cuts at a selection of online retailers.


  1. How does Price Drop City make money?

    From advertising, and commission on the sale of products linked from here. Price Drop City has an affiliate relationship with all of the retailers listed here, and will earn commission if you follow any links from here and ultimately purchase the product. Price Drop City will also earn money if you click on any of the adverts shown on the site.

    This does not affect the order in which products are displayed, or the price you will pay.

    The prices shown here are the same as the prices on the retailers' websites, so you aren't missing out on anything by finding them via Price Drop City. And the differing commission rates paid by different retailers has absolutely no effect on which products are shown, or the order in which they are shown. On the price drop pages, products are always shown from the largest price drops to the smallest, without exception.

  2. Why did you choose the retailers that you list on the site? And why isn't [my favouite retailer] here?

    The retailers chosen are selected from those which offer a suitable affiliate relationship. In particular, I only list retailers which allow me to obtain their product data automatically every day.

    I'm always on the lookout for more retailers to add, so the list isn't static by any means.

    Well-known retailers may be missing for all sorts of reasons. Some may not have an affiliate programme at all. Some may have one, but don't provide a product datafeed. And some (not very many, but a few) have declined to be listed on Price Drop City. I think that's their loss, but it's also their choice and I respect that.

    The one missing big name that you're all probably thinking of is Amazon. For now, I've chosen not to integrate Amazon's products into the site, partly because their catalogue is so huge that it would swamp everything else and partly because their affiliate system requires a lot of bespoke programming to use in this kind of scenario. I may add a limited selection of Amazon products when I have a sufficient supply of round tuits.


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Design and programming are by Mark Goodge.

Price Drop City is a Good Stuff website.


You can contact Price Dop City at admin {at}, making the obvious substitution to turn that into an email address.